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For those of you just joining us through The Pin Code, Weekend Takeaways is my weekly newsletter where I share all that is free and fabulous on the web, including downloads, tools, training and more…and this is the blog version that I also publish each week!

As The Pin Code is all about the success I’ve been having with Pinterest and how you can replicate it, let’s kick off this week with some Pinterest-related freebies.

First up is the handy Widget Builder which enables you to add a Pinterest button or widget to your website as well as a Pin It button to your iOS or Android app:

Then there is the nifty Pin Alerts which lets you know whenever someone pins something from your website:

And Woobox which enables you to add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page. This means you can add all the boards from a specified Pinterest user name and Facebook users can then pin directly from your Facebook page or click through to Pinterest.

Comes with comprehensive analytics so you can see how well this works for you:

The excellent Viralwoot has a no cost option that lets you schedule your pins as well as promoting them to other Viralwoot users. It also has a Pin Alert feature:

If you’re a Chrome user then Pin Search is an extremely useful extension you can add to allow you to perform Google Image searches on any picture on Pinterest, giving you a wealth of information about that picture as well as showing similar images, the website where the image appears etc

A great timesaver and content finder rolled into one:

Here’s an invaluable cheat sheet you can use to make sure you have those Pinterest image sizes right:

And if you want to get all your social media image sizes right – including Facebook, Twitter et al – then go here:

Pinterest and, indeed, all consumer behaviour is governed by choices – what pictures we like and pin, which products we like and buy…

Your TED talk this week is on how we make those choices:


In this video you can find some quick tips on how to check your Pinterest notifications:

While this episode of Manly Pinterest Tips is not just for the (ever-growing) body of male Pinterest users out there: