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Content marketing…

Does even the phrase send a shiver down your spine (and not of delight)?

Thing is, content marketing is more important than ever but it doesn’t have to take hours or days of effort to produce great content as I demonstrated with Money Magnets.

The key, though, lies in that word ‘great’ because anything less than that is not going to enhance your business or your brand.

Never fear because this week’s Weekend Takeaways is devoted to helping you produce just that as quickly and easily as possible…

And let’s kick off with this excellent tutorial on content creation hacks that will have you churning out the good stuff with ease:

There are any number of cool tools out there to help you track down that content super fast – some of my faves are:

The Needs is an excellent site that throws up articles, blog posts, social updates, videos and more according to the interests you specify:

I mention in the Money Magnets course and it is a wonderful content curation tool:

BuzzSumo is the tool of choice for many marketers and you can take advantage of its 14 day no cost trial (no cc card required) to see if it’s the one for you too:

Need even more content marketing tools and resources that won’t cost you a dime?

Here’s the ‘ultimate list’ of them:

Images are vital to your content marketing success and here’s how to make quick and easy tweaks to those that will improve their impact:

Your TED talk this week is one of the shortest ever but also one of the most powerful:


Thank you for being one of my lovely, loyal community and have a wonderful week!