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I have spent this entire week without any internet at home due to a platform outage that has affected my entire area (thank you Virginmedia!).

As a result, I have been hopping from one public wifi connection to another and burning up my phone in the process.

It did, however, give me a great idea for this week’s Weekend Takeaways and that was to serve you up quick bites of invaluable information you can ingest in minutes and while you’re on the go…

Which will make life easier and more interesting if you commute, have very little time to spare but a thirst to learn so you can boost your business or even if, like me, you are cut off from all civilisation save the odd wifi connection!

Here are 12 quick tips to help you write emails that convert:

And a handy PDF you can download with 10 more snappy email marketing tips:

An infographic is always a great way to quickly ingest information and this one gives you excellent tips on how to ensure your emails actually make it to those all-important inboxes:

Moving on to social media marketing and here are 7 quick tips that will help you humanize yours for far better results:

While here are 18 more social media marketing tips that you can take in quickly and deploy as speedily as you like:

Want to create killer ecommerce product pages? You’ll love these 7 tips:

And for 50 fabulous ecommerce tips that cover all bases, go here:

How about creating your own product fast out of tips? Learn exactly what to do here:

Just need some general IM tips? Here are 30 quick ones for you:

With 30 more ‘quick wins’ here:

While your TED talk this week serves up even more tips – this time it’s 10 of the best tech tips out there to save you time and frustration (but not if you’re dealing with my ISP!)

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