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Contest runs from Sunday 11th November @ 4pm until Sunday 25th November @ 4pm

First Prize: 

I will go through your next product and suggest tweaks and improvements to make it as fabulously profitable as possible.  I have an eagle editing eye and will mark up any mistakes and/or spot them on audio/video.  I will report back to you (or we can hop on Skype) so you can revise your product before I look over it one final time prior to it going on sale.




As a high-converting copywriter with many successful sales letters to my name, I will write your next sales letter for you and carry out one revision based on your feedback. The sales letter will be a max 2000 words and I am supplying the copy – you will need to format it, add your own graphics etc.


Value of both – $$$$ frankly priceless as I no longer consult privately on products or write sales copy for other people.  For you, however, I will do one or the other provided you win the affiliate contest and make a minimum of 50 sales.


Second Prize:

I will write two emails for your specified list/autoresponder sequence – I’m well known for my excellent relationship with  my own lists and that is largely due to the quality of the information I send them. Your emails can be to promote a particular product or to help build your relationship with your list. They will be a maximum 800 words each.  Minimum of 50 sales also applies.




Online list-building angle:


Suggested subject lines:

The real secret to getting subscribers…

Send Your Subscribe Rates Soaring

Are You A List Loser?



Hey {personalize here if you wish}

You hear it all the time: the money is in the list.  And the reason you hear that over and over is because it’s true.  Why?  Because a list is a valuable asset.  The ultimate marketing tool that gives you DIRECT ACCESS to your prospects and customers.

Whatever some ‘gooroos’ might say, email marketing is not going anywhere but up in terms of some of the fastest, easiest profits you can make online. All you need do is fire up your autoresponder, plug in your message and hey presto – your PayPal account fills.  It really is that simple.

Trouble is, list-building is getting harder and harder.  People are jaded these days.  They’ve seen it all before.  You can wave your giveaway report at them all you want but they’re more than likely to yawn and click away.

So how DO you get them to opt in so you can leverage one of the few genuine push button solutions around – your own responsive list?

In her brand new course, The Q Factor, Amanda Craven reveals the simple system she uses to get prospects falling over themselves to subscribe.  This is all about leveraging the proven power of quizzes but in an ingenious way and she holds NOTHING back:

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This flat out works because it has people HUNGERING after the one thing on the planet they want to know more about: THEMSELVES.  And Amanda not only gives you the How, she also includes the Why so you understand exactly how this pushes the right psychological buttons as well as including a ton of great resources.

Clever stuff that sends your opt in rates through the roof and puts A LOT more moolah in your pocket in the process.

Check it out here:

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{Your Name etc}



Offline angle:


Suggested subject lines:

Leads = Moolah. Plain & Simple.

You need leads?

[OFFLINERS] This solves THAT problem…


Hey {personalize if you wish}

As every offline consultant knows, the one thing you need above all else to make it in an increasingly tough business is LEADS – and lots of them! And one of the best ways to do that is to get prospects to opt in to your list so you can market your services to them and set yourself apart from the competition.

Trouble is, with all that competition out there it’s getting harder and harder to get prospects to opt in.  They’re wary of handing over their details.  They’re sick of having their inboxes hammered with lousy content.  They’ve seen it all before.

That’s where this ingenious new course from Amanda Craven comes in because in The Q Factor she’s come up with a way to get people to practically BEG to be on your list.  How?  By leveraging the magnetic power of quizzes in her own way and getting hordes of new clients as a result.

You probably know Amanda from her acclaimed products such as Local Honey Pot, Kiss Local and The Edge.  She walks the talk and tells it like it is which is why The Q Factor is something you simply cannot afford to miss:

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In The Q Factor, Amanda takes you by the hand and leads you through the entire process of setting up a lead-sucking quiz.  She holds nothing back, including the How and the Why so you can understand which psychological buttons to push for unbelievable results.

Particularly valuable are the Case Studies she includes that show how one consultancy took their quiz opt-in rates to 90%, with 75% of those becoming SOLID Leads.

This is the kind of meaty material that takes your business to a whole new, profitable level.  Check it out here before your competition gets a hold of it and beats you to the punch:

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All the best,


{Your Name etc}





Funnel Details

The main product, a 45 page PDF, runs from $6.95 – $9.95. You get 75%.  The OTO, two comprehensive and high quality related traffic training courses along with a bonus of my list-building Kindle Cash Cow product, goes from $12.95 – $17 and you get 50%.



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