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Last week I shared with you some fast ways to boost your marketing efforts and I’d like to kick off this week’s newsletter with one of my own secret weapons, IFTTT.

IFTTT stands for If This Then That and with this freebie tool you can create ‘recipes’ to automate some of those repetitive tasks you undertake in your marketing to save you tons of time.

Social Media Marketing is one area that is ideal for IFTT and here is an excellent podcast tutorial from Social Media Examiner on how to utilise it:

If you simply want to check out IFTTT then go here:

Sticking with social media for the moment, I bet you’re not using all the admin tools at your disposal when managing your Facebook pages. Luckily for you, here’s another great tutorial on doing just that:

An excellent tool to help you stay organized in general and great for collaborating with others on projects is Freedcamp. As the name suggests, it won’t cost you a penny although there is a premium version available.

Frankly, I find the freebie version has so many features you’ll be just fine with that, at least for starters:

Forever finding great content on the web but then forgetting to bookmark it or just want a super simple way to save it for later? You need Pocket:

Getting more productive can make such a difference to your life and income but it doesn’t have to be all about tech solutions. Simple lifestyle and working changes can also make a big impact and here are some excellent tips:

Finally, a TED talk for you this week that puts it all into perspective:

Finally, a TED talk for you this week that puts it all into perspective:

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