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It’s been a juggle of a week for me, running from client meetings to my desk to check on artwork I commissioned and finishing off my new Amazon Puppy Pack which is due out tomorrow.

I mention this last because it is a good example of something I teach which is to always develop a line of products and services at various price points and this holds whether you sell or promote physical or digital products or offline consulting and services.

Many times a customer will come in at one entry point and then go on to buy your other offerings. If you don’t have those available, they will go elsewhere. For that reason, I’m always trying to think of what might be useful to my customers and developing new ideas along those lines.

Try this exercise this week: take a look at what you currently offer and think about how you might expand it both laterally and vertically. Is there a gap in your line? Is there something your customers and prospects might want or need that you are not currently supplying? When you find a gap or a need…fill it! The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

And when you do come up with your additional product or service, you’re going to need to position and sell it properly to both existing and new customers. One way to get them excited about it is to use those power words I mentioned in an earlier email this week so, as promised, here are some resources you can use to learn more about those.

First up is an excellent tutorial written for bloggers but applicable to anyone who needs to use power words in sales pages, product descriptions, emails, social media etc.

There are 317 power words here so you’re sure to find some which resonate for you:

Next is Buffer’s list of 189 power words that are proven to convert:

And an excellent comparison here on the words and phrases that help you sell and those that don’t:

Somewhere you really want to deploy your best power words is in your headlines – here’s a convincing case study on what works best (don’t forget to check out the linked articles in this one which are an education in themselves):

I think you’ll agree that few brands do it as well as Apple when it comes to writing seductive product descriptions. Here’s how to emulate their success:

While Shopify will teach you the four magic words that increase sales – you will have come across these before but it’s why they work that’s important:

Finally, everyone loves a formula and here’s one for writing great product descriptions that sell. You could equally apply this to services:

Your TED talk this week features Kristin Rivas on the life-changing power of words:



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