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It’s so hot here in London we had to run away yesterday evening for a couple of hours’ wild swimming in the Thames!

Before you think I’ve gone nuts or was splashing about near the Houses of Parliament (dangerous), we headed out upstream to where the river runs past meadows in Berkshire and there’s nothing but ducks and the occasional person fishing. Glorious.

So now I am refreshed and raring to bring you your tips and freebies for this week, starting with a few tools I hope will give you more time to relax.

I brought out The Pin Code 2.0 on Friday in the wake of my work with a client who is especially keen to get their Pinterest strategy right. A big part of that is streamlining what they are doing and getting more impact.

You can do the same by using the right tools, including plugins.

Here’s one that I absolutely love – The Pinterest Widgets plugin. It has different widgets that enable you to display different boards or pins on your site and also embed them. Brilliant!

Get it here:

If it’s just a Pin It button you want, you can get the plugin for that here:

To get people to share your stuff on social media, you need to display social media share buttons on your site.

Here is a plugin to help you do that which I particularly like because it is so customizable and it doesn’t slow your site down:

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave or not reading my emails (shame on you!), you must have noticed that Pokemon Go has taken over the world….and certainly my household.


If this is still a mystery to you, you’d like to understand the vast audience playing it better or you simply want to join in with all those people wandering around the streets staring at their phones, here’s a great beginner’s guide:

I love podcasts and listen to them on the go on my phone using the iPhone podcasts app which you can get here:

Other podcast app options that cover Android as well include:

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also use Soundcloud on your computer.

One of my must listen-tos is the Conversion Cast podcast from the folk at Leadpages.

Here is an especially useful one on how one couple used their Facebook ad strategy to generate 2000 leads in less than 30 days.

What I particularly like about this is that you can download screenshots of the webpages they used and even the lead strategy in return for your email:

Another of my faves is the Fizzle Show podcast and here are two particularly valuable episodes, the first a thought-provoking one on whether Twitter is still effective:

And the second their excellent guide to promoting your blog:

As ever, I go to the show page once I’ve listened to get the show notes and all the additional goodies and tutorials…all for nada!

You may not know that you can also get TED talks as podcasts – here’s where to find them:

Your talk this week is highly relevant to a world where Pokemon rules and bold ideas, wild creativity and optimism are just what you need to succeed online and off…

What adults can learn from kids:





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