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This week, as promised in my last email, I am focusing on PLR resources and ways to maximise this time and money-saving (not to mention money-creating) commodity. Unfortunately, most of those training resources out there require you to opt in before you can get to the good stuff and that is simply NOT good enough for my subscribers so I have uploaded some material for you instead. 

First up is a report which provides a good overview of PLR and how to use it – perfect if you are a beginner or simply want to start with the basics.  You can download that here: 

For those of you who want something more comprehensive I have uploaded this excellent video training course on how to make good money using PLR.  It’s by Justin Popovic who is a true expert on the subject and you can download that here and watch at your leisure (I recommend you take notes): 

Then there is Mike Cowles’ fact-packed webinar replay on creating products out of PLR – this is vintage Cowles, i.e. clear, actionable and based on his own experience. There is a (none-affiliate) link to an offer at the end but this is not one of those pitch-fest style webinars and you can access it here: 

Finally, and particularly because it’s Mother’s Day, I’d like to mention Vanessa Reece, a UK marketer and Warrior who passed away recently, leaving behind a young son.  Vanessa’s PLR site, is still up there and selling some fantastic products.  Everything you buy will mean some more money for her little boy so if you do want to add to your PLR collection may I humbly suggest you check out her site in case there is something you need…