Free Social Media Resources

For this weekend, I am concentrating on no-cost social media resources that can be of benefit to you all, whether you are interested in providing services to offline clients or simply want to boost your own profile and/or affiliate promotions. First up is Inbo...

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Marketing Prediction No. 2

  Resources: Easy Video Site Builder (90% Discount!) TubeMogul ...

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Engage To Earn!

The buzzword around social media marketing right now is engagement – you need to entice, entertain and interact with others in order to build the trust and empathy that is necessary to truly succeed online. Why? Because people are rightly sick of the sca...

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My Marketing Predictions For 2012

  Recommended Resources: Stealth Mobile Optin – Brilliant System For Vast Offline Profits SMS Magi – Ingenious Way To Generate Endless Leads For Local Businesses Local Business Lures – The System That Made A Newbie Offliner $1200 In ...

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