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Hey…good to see you here!

Thanks for dropping by and checking out Trusty Marketer, a BS free, hype-free zone where I only share tried and tested information on internet marketing.

Like so many other marketers,I am sick and tired of the way the industry thrives on ‘push button’ solutions that don’t work and are aimed purely at parting people from their hard earned cash.

At Trusty Marketer I only produce products that I KNOW will help you earn money online.  If I review someone else’s product, it’s with blazing honesty.  If it doesn’t work – I tell you.  And if it does earn a recommendation from me, you can bet it is really good.

I’d far rather keep you as a regular visitor and, I hope, a friend than try to earn a quick buck out of you by pushing trash.

Oh and just so we’re clear on that – if I recommend something chances are I will earn an affiliate commission.  That’s what we’re all here for right?  To earn a decent living on the net.

Thing is, I tell you upfront and you are always welcome to go type in the direct URL of a product if you have a problem with that.

Please sign up if you’d like to receive my recommendations, tips and training and come back often as I add more godness on a regular basis.

Yours in honest marketing.

Amanda Craven

This girl rocks - if anyone can help you build a real business online it's Amanda!

There aren’t many marketers out there who are not only successful but honest…

Amanda is one of them. 

If you get the chance to learn from or work with this woman, grab it with both hands….and if you are lucky enough to get hold of one of her products then consider yourself part of a very exclusive club. I am so grateful I found her and I only wish I didn’t have to share her with you (kidding)!

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