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One of the things I love best is product creation and that’s because I’ve been creating stuff all my working life…books, ebooks, sites, etc etc But I do understand how scary it can be to think about creating something and putting it out there…actually, how scary it can be to just come up with an idea in the first place.

In fact, that’s where I find most people falter – at that very first step. They spend so long trying to come up with the perfect idea that they end up producing nothing. They talk themselves out of it, saying things like: ‘It’s been done before,’ or “Who, me?”

The thing is, everything has been done before. But not by you. And that answers the second one – why not you? You with all your invaluable experience, ideas and unique take on life?

You see, I find the best products start with the person…they reflect you and what you have to teach the rest of us. And so long as you know just a little bit more about something than me, you can certainly teach me so that I benefit from your knowledge.

All you need do is realise how much you already know and then share it in the form you feel will convey it best whether that’s an ebook, a series of blog posts that you turn into an ebook, a video, an audio series and so on. The important thing is that you don’t worry too much about the form – although an ebook or report is a good, simple place to start – but just do it.

I know that sounds like a Nike slogan but it’s so true. Whatever you create imperfectly will be far more valuable than those ideas you lovingly polish and that never come to fruition, not least because you can sell what you have actually created. Ideas are worthless without some kind of form.

So look around you, look at yourself, look at your life, at what you have learned…then grab a piece of paper or hit your keyboard and bash out a list. Put it all down – all those ideas, however crazy. Don’t worry too much about what the market wants or whether it’s been done before. There are ideas that are evergreen. Product creation, for one.

You can create an internet marketing product or you can go for a completely different niche. It’s up to you. Of course you want to make sure there is enough of a hungry audience for your product but a quick check on the Amazon bestseller lists will help confirm that as will sheer common sense. A product on dog training will always sell provided it’s of sufficient quality. A product on an obscure form of martial arts practised only in a particular monastery in Tibet might find a somewhat smaller audience.

Don’t overthink this – remember the Just Do It part. Because the more you do this, the more you exercise that product creation muscle which will build and build as you grow in confidence. With confidence comes success. I look forward to seeing yours.

Here are some ideas of products you could create:

  • An ebook
  • An eclass
  • A video course
  • An audio course
  • A cheatsheet/directory/resource or tool list
  • A membership site or forum
  • Software or an app
  • Templates/forms/planners
  • Graphic bundles and sets
  • PLR products incorporating much of the above

That’s just to get you started – now get going on that list!

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