My Marketing Predictions For 2012



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2 Responses to “My Marketing Predictions For 2012”

  • Maartin on December 29, 2011

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the great video – great to hear you live!

    I’m one of those sitting on the sideline regarding mobile marketing. Your video did leave some food for thought.

    Thanks again, looking forward to your next video. My guess is that one of the videos to follow will most probably deal with Kindle publishing. That’s just a guess.


  • Terry Chadban on December 29, 2011

    G’day Amanda,
    Couldn’t agree more that 2012 is going to be “The Year Of The Mobile” (or the Cell, for the Yanks out there). In particular, I think that QR Codes will explode in use — just look at Japanese usage for a glimpse into the future for Westerners, because they are two years ahead of us.

    In Tokyo, just about every shop has QR Codes in the window, one for their details (address, opening times, etc), and others for special bargains or discounts. Shoppers just need to walk by, snap the QR Codes with their smartphones, then walk inside and display the Code for their discount.

    This is something that we need to be doing too, and especially something to be selling to our clients if we are doing any sort of local marketing.

    All the best for 2012 to you and yours, and to all your readers!


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