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It’s been an interesting week to say the least. On Monday I saw a consultant about the tiny bump I’d noticed on my nose. She took one look and booked me in for surgery Friday.

I’m typing you this sorer, wiser and, most importantly, free of the malignant tumour she cut out….there won’t even be a scar. And, in true Weekend Takeaways style, I’m going to share the lessons I gained from this for you as a marketer.

No, I didn’t try and talk the consultant into having a website done (apart from the fact I would never do that, her main work is done for the National Health Service, for which I am a passionate advocate)…but my business didn’t grind to a halt. I’m not stressing about what I’m going to do while I recover.

I even get a glow of satisfaction from telling you it’s all because of something I’ve been banging on about for years now in my emails and newsletters….

Yep, it’s those famed multiple streams of income.

If my work was entirely client-based I’d have had to rearrange my diary like crazy and probably lose a prospect or two in the process. If I relied only on releasing products I’d be stressing because my timetable would have gone up in smoke.

I’ve never understood why, with all the vast and proven opportunities out there, anyone would limit themselves to just one area of marketing. Of course it’s important to focus and specialize but having other strings to your bow is paramount, IMHO, for anyone in today’s world…marketer or not.

So let’s plunge into this week’s freebies, tips and suggestions with this inspiring piece from Entrepreneur magazine that encapsulates what I’ve just said with some excellent tips:

There are many excuses that come up when I suggest to someone they start a side business or add a string to their bow. Lack of time is a big one as is lack of resources.

Truth is, neither is a real excuse if you want it enough and are willing to put in what it takes, as this case study from Tim Ferris’ mentorship series shows. Read it and you’ll discover exactly what steps to take to set up a $4000 a month business in 5 days:

And here is a superb podcast with Noah Kagan – the mentor in the case study above – who has quickly built 4 successful businesses while holding down his ‘day job’ at SumoMe:

Noah has an excellent Marketing Toolkit which essentially reveals the foundations of his multiple businesses and he gives it away in exchange for your email. Really useful stuff and well worth it (I signed up and my inbox hasn’t exploded!):

It may sound contradictory but one thing Noah advocates is focusing on making one change or building one stream of income before you move on to the next. Of course, he doesn’t neglect the rest of his business while doing that.

Focusing on making one change or building one stream helps combat the overwhelm and lack of focus that can stop you doing anything. His tutorial on how he redesigned his blog to gain more sign-ups is a great lesson in how to focus on making that one vital change – best of all, you can copy what he did:

Gary Vaynerchuck is someone else who builds multiple businesses and this is a classic from his podcast series…in it, he shares his insights on eBay, the 3 questions he asks his clients when meeting them for the first time and why people will pay for anything:

If you’ve never seen Gary’s short video on how he does business, you need to:

Your TED talk this week is the hilarious AJ Jacobs on how his year-long experiment to live healthily nearly killed him:

In his talk, AJ makes the point that having strong social networks and experiencing joy on a daily basis are two of the most important things we can do for our health – I have the former and try to embrace the latter…I also count you all as part of that network. Stay healthy!

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