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It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK and I’ve been spoiled rotten – fabulous lunch, gorgeous necklace my daughter bought with pocket money she’d saved up…the works.

I certainly did better than the guy I overheard walking past us as we ate saying anxiously into his phone: ‘What do you mean today is Mother’s Day?’ Oops…

Ah well, I guess that emphasizes just how important it is to stay on top of things and in this newsletter I’m going to kick off with an excellent freebie that summarizes just how marketers are using social media for best effect.

This is a report that covers 2013 and, yes, you do have to sign up for it but it comes with a couple of other great freebies and is from the excellent Social Media Examiner. You can get it by simply visiting:

You’ll see an invitation there to get the Social Media Marketing Industry Report by signing up. Trust me – it’s worth it and makes for fascinating reading.

Also from Social Media Examiner is this excellent post on blogging – I particularly like this because it is full of good ideas on how to repurpose your content for great effect:

Talking of social media, here’s a really nice tracking tool I found that you can use in its basic version for free and that measures how far your Tweet has reached. It will also measure the reach and impact of similar tweets meaning you can measure and analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns and interactions against others. Try it out here:

For more social media tools and some good advice on what makes an effective social media marketer try this article from Ian Cleary on Amy Porterfield’s blog:

One way to stand out on social media is to ensure that your pages stay fresh and that means keeping your ‘look’ current. You also need to lay out your pages for maximum impact. An easy way to do that is to use templates but finding good ones can be tricky.

Luckily, I found this great collection for you of templates for Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn courtesy of Socially Stacked…

These are not just templates – they also contain great tips to help you achieve the most from your social media efforts.

But that’s not all because on the same page there are templates for your ebooks, blog posts, brochures and more…12 in total and all of them invaluable:

OK, on to your Kindle freebie this week and it’s the slightly bonkers but rather brilliant Be The Cat: A Marketing Book With Claws.

To quote a reviewer:

“Cats and marketing? Be serious. What the hell do cats have to do with marketing? Plenty, it turns out, especially if you’re a small biz owner. The authors take the thinking behind some of the biggest money-making brands today and apply it to small businesses. Smart and funny, it’s a quick read packed with helpful information anyone can use.”

Get it here:

Your TED talk this week is the immensely useful “Top Ten Time Saving Tech Tips” delivered by David Pogue – this may well transform your smartphone usage forever as well as your working day!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are and especially if you are a mother (we’re allowed one day to ourselves in the year!)

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