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A very happy weekend to you all and today I am sharing some resources which will make your online (and offline) life a whole lot easier – freeing you up to do more of the stuff you really enjoy. 

I’m kicking off with a recommendation I gave a friend only this morning when he sadly posted on Facebook that he’d lost 750G of precious data on a hard drive that crashed. Most of us have been there and know that sick feeling, especially if you don’t have other back-ups (naughty!).  I tried this solution a while back and it worked brilliantly for me so if you’re ever faced with a crash and burn moment, try this no cost product: 

Another wonderful time and sanity-saving service is this site.  Ever have those moments when you want to make a quick note of an idea or a conversation before it’s lost but only have your phone to hand?  Evernote allows you to make digital notes across a vast array of platforms.  You can save your ideas, notes on meetings, conversations etc – use it on nearly every phone, computer and device out there: 

But what about those brilliant ideas you once shared with someone online? Or that contact you tucked away somewhere in one of your social media presences?  Greplin is another brilliant site that lets you organise all your contacts across your various online presences and find anything quickly among your past messages, interactions and so on: 

Finally, an absolutely genius idea from Youtube: