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I’ve had a lot of illness-imposed rest time this week so I’ve been doing what I always do when not creating and that’s think up new ways to create…

I decided to expand my skills and yours at the same time so this Weekend’s Takeaways shares resources to help you learn more new stuff that will help you earn!

First up we have a video from Dr John Spencer Ellis on how to make fitness and coaching info products.

You may not be in this niche yourself (although it’s a perennial bestseller) but his advice holds good across many niches.

He does extremely well in his field so this is well worth a watch:

There’s an opportunity on the page to join his coaching program but of course you don’t have to do that – just watch the video and learn.

Next up are some tutorials from You The Designer on using Adobe Indesign (great for product creation, client work and making anything you produce look more professional), designing sites (always a good earner or will save you money on creating your own) and other great business skills.

These tutorials are great and also check out the other free resources on their site including PSDs and design tools:

And one I particularly like:

Web Monkey is another excellent site for learning all kinds of technical stuff including web design, scripting, multimedia and even setting up WordPress properly so you can do it for yourself or others:

Learning how to write properly for the web can boost your income levels in all kinds of spheres, from client work to affiliate marketing.

Download an excellent free podcast series on exactly how to do that from the University of Glasgow here:

And on the subject of making money from writing, here’s your Kindle freebie this week courtesy of the knowledgeable Connie Brentford:

For your TED talks, this week you get not one but five thanks to Dan Pink and his all-time faves on the subject of work:

As for me, I’m sharpening up my skills while finishing off a new PLR product alongside all my other projects.

Yep, I’m back at the keyboard and revving back up to full speed…you have a great week and have a go at something you’ve never tried before.

Your bank manager will thank you!


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