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A Sunday Weekend Takeaways this week as I have had a full-on weekend packed with family commitments at the end of a full-on week in which I not only won WSO of the Day for KISS Local (yaaaay!) but also Member of the Month at Earn1KADay, Dennis Becker and Rachel Rofe’s excellent community (double yaaay!!). 

Gaining recognition is always great but I’m determined to use it to spur me on to produce even better and bigger things.  One obstacle that always stands in my way is time – there is simply never enough of it. I’m sure that many of you feel the same which is why the focus for this week is on time-saving tools and sites. 

First up is Doodle, which is a lifesaver when it comes to organising meetings/events, particularly between multiple participants. Rather than those endless back and forth emails, you can simply use Doodle to create a poll of available times which everyone can access.  Simple and ingenious: 

An excellent app for sorting through those myriad messages in various inboxes is Xobni which works on your PC as well as your phone. The no cost version is just fine for creating one contact list from all your address books as well as automatically updating contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Another great timesaver: 

I don’t know about you but collaborating on projects often seems to suck up more time in the organisation than the actual execution.  Yes, of course there is always Google Docs but what I love about Trello is the fact it has everything you need in one place, from a project overview to interactive lists, boards and cards that make working as a team on something a breeze.  It updates instantly and is secure so you know your precious data is safe. Plus Trello works on just about anything – PC, smartphone, or tablet.  Find it here: 

Now, I know tomorrow is Monday and that can bring with it those beginning of the week blues so to help you kick off your week on a high I want to share this post with you from Everyday Health on Instant Mood Boosters…all scientifically backed and proven to work: 

Try ‘em out and let me know which work for you!