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I’m writing you this from a gloriously half-empty London – or at least, that’s how it feels now everyone is lining up at airports or hitting the road for the great getaway.

Meanwhile, I sit here and smile knowing that we’ll be heading off soon enough too but in a far more relaxed fashion…and that’s because the only deadlines we have to meet are the ones I create for my business (which I take with me anyway).

Just one of the joys of self-employment as well as gentle encouragement for those of you still heading that way…

To help you get there faster and with more moolah in your pocket, let’s move on to this week’s freebies and tips, starting with some excellent advice on making money from m-commerce (you may know it as mobile marketing) from Techcrunch…apparently it’s all about targeting ‘moms, millennials and mobile’:

Good copywriting is the basis of so much in marketing, online and off and this is an unmissable podcast from the dynamic duo of Kevin Rogers & Dean Jackson that includes:

  • How to use copywriting to grab and hold attention
  • Using Profit Activator #2 to Attract your target audience
  • Getting a higher conversion rate from your paid ads

Another great podcast is The Sparkline Fizzle Show featuring Corbett Barr who formerly ran Think Traffic, along with his co-hosts Chase and Caleb.

This is an excellent episode on dealing with the life juggle many of us face as solopreneurs (aka a one-person band!):

From their blog I highly recommend this excellent post on the Top 10 Mistakes people make when starting on online business:

And to complement that, this equally excellent article from Success on the 10 things successful people never do again – some good life and business lessons here:

From Clickzintel there is great white paper to download all about fostering, maintaining and retaining customer loyalty – something that is imperative for us all whether you focus on online or offline marketing, physical or digital products.

Download it here (you need to register first but I found it well worth it as you can then access other freebies and I have not been bombarded with messages!):

For all you Amazonites, here’s an essential guide from Moz on how to rank well on Amazon – an absolute must-read if you want to sell more of your products (who doesn’t?!):

Talking of Amazon, your Kindle freebie this week is Pro-Blogging Secrets: Strategies, Tips, and Answers You Need to Grow Your Blog and Earn More Money…

Something that will help us all:

And finally, your TED talk this week is the world-beating JK Rowling on the Fringe Benefits of Failure, her Harvard Commencement address:


Proof that anyone can make it if they persist in the right direction