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Hey there,

This week has been interesting to say the least – but then, it always is when we’re in the wilds of Bulgaria.

We come here often for a mixture of work and pleasure and each time I discover something different about this beautiful country…usually something that involves coping when the electricity/internet/water stops working!

It’s been the internet this time so I have been driving miles in search of WiFi hotspots and that’s taught me a few lessons in efficiency. When you only have so much time to get things done you want the right tools to help you get there fast.

With that in mind, I’m sharing some of those tools with you via today’s newsletter in the hope they’ll serve you as well.

First up is the excellent password manager Roboform – this has saved my online life more than once when I’ve forgotten a vital password. You can download it free here:

A tool I recommend frequently for my customers is 7-zip, the free unzipping/zipping utility that I much prefer to any paid alternative:

And if you need to convert a PDF to word format so you can work on it then there is this excellent free online tool:

When you’re away from your desk you obviously cannot lug around a scanner with you – I use the free app CamScanner when I need to scan in a document or image if I’m on the road:

Another good free app for when you need to schedule your social media postings in advance is Buffer. With this you can line up your Facebook posts to appear when you want – be aware that the free version has limits so you may need to sign up for more than one free account:

Efficiency is essential to productivity and there’s a great selection of free tools you can download here to help you boost both:

And if all that’s not enough then here’s a variety of light – and not so light – reading/training to help you expand your online skillset courtesy of Marketing Sherpa:

For your TED talk this week, here’s Chip Conley on how he went in search of a business model based on happiness – enjoy!


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