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I know I often display my Brit obsession with the weather in my posts but today really was glorious here in London town…24 degrees, soft September sunshine and the resultant smiling people flocking to parks and the river.

Even if it’s not sunny where you are, I hope to provide a similar spirit-lifting effect with your freebies this week…

And let’s kick off with this lovely, minimal Pure WordPress theme available gratis for a limited time via Mighty Deals.

Although it’s aimed at web designers to show off their work, I can see myriad uses for this…displaying products physical and digital, as a Pinterest-style image board linking to affiliate products and so on…

Get the Pure theme here (you need to supply an email but Mighty Deals are true to their word – they don’t spam):

Inky Deals is a similar site to Mighty Deals and I often find great bargains there – among their freebies are this excellent web bundle consisting of another nice theme, HTML5 template, coming soon page and a video player:

If you have a t-shirt/clothing store you might also like this other free theme from them although it could frankly be used to sell almost any kind of product:

Let’s whizz on over to I Love Marketing now and here’s an excellent podcast from their series which features Brian Kurtz on building a more responsive and targeted subscriber list – something we all need to do and keep doing:

Brian Kurtz On Building A More Targeted and Responsive Subscriber List – #164

I always enjoy Yanik Silver’s insights and this is an especially enlightening video from him on achieving greatness…or at least more than you thought possible:

Creating Your V.I.S.I.O.N. of Greatness

His 34 Rules For Maverick Entrepreneurs plus worksheet is also well worth subscribing for – anything Yanik has to say on the subject is only going to broaden your knowledge in ways you may not have anticipated.

For your social media fix this week, here’s a pithy piece from Mashable on 8 little known ways to get more out of LinkedIn:

Even better is the linked article on LinkedIn Etiquette:

Using Instagram as a marketing tool can be highly effective, especially for branding and physical products – here’s a comprehensive freebie to download that offers some helpful insights:

For your TED talk this week, a classic from Dan Gilbert on how we can remain happy even when things don’t go as planned. Given the vagaries of the internet and the entrepreneurial lifestyle, this is a must-see:

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