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Hey there…

And welcome to this Weekend’s Takeaways!

I’m just back from a visit to the Farmer’s Market where we bought lunch from our favourite stall. As we munched on the way home I took the chance to explain to my daughter just why this guy does so well…

It’s because he sells a great product at a price people like in a place where they want to gather.

But of course you knew that 🙂

So just to make sure you’re reaching a huge proportion of prospects and customers in a way they like to ingest information, I’m looking at some new video marketing resources for you this week.

And if you still need convincing on why video is set to grow and grow, read this:

On to those no cost resources for creating more effective videos and first up is a reminder of the free YouTube editor which has some nice features and lets you add annotations and transcripts, thereby making your videos more SEO friendly:

Then there is Magisto, an online point and click movie editor:

“Just shoot and upload your videos and Magisto turns them into beautifully edited Movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes. And it’s all done automatically, in a click!”

And all for nada:

Next, here’s an excellent article from Hubspot on how to create winning videos:

And some more great tips here on Mashable on making marketing videos:

For our Kindle Freebie this week, here’s a book that explains the major principles of marketing – “the absolute most important things you must understand to market your business successfully and find more customers” – that you can read in 15 minutes flat.

Finally, for your video fodder this week here’s a tutorial on adding annotations to your videos.

Annotations are one of the most useful tools YouTube provides for a marketer and here’s an excellent video on all kinds of tips and tricks to make the most of them:

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