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Here in the UK most kids went back to school this week after the Easter break so it’s been a flurry of finishing holiday homework, sorting out uniform and getting back into the routine…on top of that, my daughter went off to Cub Scout camp on Friday so add in organising camping kit etc etc and I’m still catching my breath… 

Anyway, hope your week has been a little less dizzying and I want to focus today on one of my favourite sites for a sheer treasure chest of great resources that cover a vast range of relevant subjects. 

The site is called MakeUseOf and one of their best sections is dedicated to an astonishing array of downloadable guides covering everything from ‘Learn LinkedIn’ and ‘Your Guide To Social Media Marketing’ to ‘An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop.’  You get to download them by either subscribing to their newsletter (well worth it) or sharing the page on Twitter or Facebook.  In my opinion, a very fair exchange and you can access all those guides here: 

On that same page you will also see a link to the excellent MakeUseOf Cheat Sheets but if you’d like a direct link to that page here you go: 

Another great section I want to draw your attention to is the comprehensive Apps Directory that MakeUseOf provides – not only is this invaluable in its own right but it’s an excellent research repository for coming up with product ideas (don’t forget apps are highly profitable and cheap and easy to outsource although these can also trigger ideas for plugins etc).  They are neatly divided into categories so you can see at a glance what you would like to explore further and you can find that page here: 

You’ll find tons of great information on MakeUseOf if you explore the Tips section and the very latest post is a shining example, sharing all kinds of cool websites and tools:  

Hope you love this site as much as I do and more next week – have a great one!