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I think this week more than most you simply need a whole bunch of great freebies…

So that’s what I’m aiming to deliver right here!

First up are some excellent resources I’ve found for creating great graphics to use on social media and your sites as well as in all kinds of projects.

Infographics are still hotter than a summer day in Hawaii, especially on Pinterest…and here’s an excellent, easy way to make your own that won’t cost you a red cent:

They also have a great chart tool here now that they’ve taken over Beam, which has been around for a while helping people create their own data visuals:

As you no doubt know, visual quotes are also perennially popular and here’s an excellent tool to help you whip up some highly professional ones to share and hopefully go viral:

Don’t forget Buffer’s own Pablo which also enables you to create great visuals to share on social media for nada:

Want to brush up your skills without dipping into your retirement fund? Then head on over to SEOMoz for their excellent courses which are aimed at beginners and those who have gaps in their knowledge.

Yes, there is one on SEO:

But they also have others on Link Building:

And social media marketing:

Are you more of an intermediate or advanced marketer? Or simply want to expand your skillset even more?

Whichever it is, the Quicksprout University has some excellent courses – choose from the selection here:

While the SiteVisibility podcast provides excellent tips every week – this is a particularly good episode on everything you didn’t know about Google Analytics:

Finally, there is a whole bunch of superb tools, guides and resources here for you to download or use, including a Marketing Persona Creation Tool and a Marketer’s Toolkit:

Your TED talk this week is both powerful and inspiring…and something we all need in so many situations:

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