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This week I’ve been thinking about my ideal work space and planning how to make mine closer to some of those ideas (although maybe the view over the ocean may have to wait!)

Working from home can be tougher on you than working in any office because you tend to work longer hours and push yourself harder.

Creating a space that suits you in which to work is vital IMO but so is setting up your routine so it serves you equally as well.

Here’s a couple of helpful pieces from a blog I like, Working Naked, the first on how to treat yourself as well as you treat your clients:

And especially relevant right now, one on getting work done during the holidays:

From Marketing Angels in Australia comes this excellent free guide with 101 marketing tips and ideas:

Those of you into ecommerce need not feel left out as I’ve also found 101 tips to boost your holiday sales (I know it’s August but you should be thinking Q4!):

Here’s one of those things that is immensely useful for so many of us – a free tool that removes backgrounds from pics. Use it for your product images, to create all kinds of graphics and so much more:

Udemy offers a number of excellent free courses alongside its paid ones and this is especially good – 21 golden rules for entrepreneurs:

Your Kindle freebie this week is a good read from Chris Martinez entitled: It’s Not Just A Website: The Small Business Owner’s Blueprint for Taking Your Business Online 

Apply it to yourself or your clients and get it here:

I’ve talked before – as have many – about the power of storytelling in marketing and here’s one of the best exponents of the art, JJ Abrams, at TED:




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