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This week I’m focusing first on some free resources to make your publications look more professional. As you know, I’m a huge advocate of content marketing and ebooks, reports and multimedia material are an essential element of that.

That holds true for online and offline marketers as clients need great content just as much as you do along with help branding themselves as experts in their particular marketplace.

Let’s start with this excellent piece on how to make a good-looking ebook cover that also contains a link to download three free ebook cover templates:

There are some gorgeous templates to download over at Hubspot (as ever, you need to provide an email but the only messages I’ve had from Hubspot have been immensely useful):

They also generously provide some excellent free stock photos to jazz up not only your publications but your blogs and sites as well:

And if you’re in need of more images, try FreeFoto – there are three license types so be sure to check those before you use these:

If you have Photoshop, this is a good tutorial on creating a professional ebook cover in just 5 minutes using Photoshop actions:

You can get some great no cost actions here:

If you don’t have Photoshop and just want to create a simple 3D cover then try this:

Moving on from all things ecover, I’ve noticed a resurging fondness among marketers for Twitter (maybe you never lost it?). This podcast from Social Media Examiner teaches you how to get others to promote for you on Twitter – a great listen:

For your Kindle freebie this week, I’ve chosen the Smashwords guide to publishing successfully on CreateSpace – a comprehensive, well-written read:

Finally, your TED talk this week is one of my absolute favourites and espouses something I fervently believe – that if you try something new for just 30 days all kinds of wonderful things can be the result.

Here’s Matt Cutts explaining why:

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