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The sun is shining in London and yesterday we joined people from all over the world outside Buckingham Palace to watch the Trooping of the Colour (and yes, we did see the Queen!).

After the past few weeks, London needs that uplift and so do you….in the form of the best I can find out there for you this week.

So let’s kick off with something that we all need at one time or another – ways to increase our productivity so we can do more and make more.

We all go through slumps or times when we don’t seem to have enough hours in the day. Whether you just need a boost or are feeling disorganised, one of these courses will help and they won’t cost you a bean:

One thing that often gets in the way when you’re trying to build a business or simply get started is fear…and that can be fear of succeeding as well as fear of failure, strange as it may seem.

Here’s how to overcome your fears so you can thrive:

Another important element to success is the ability to plan and with social media marketing so vital these days here is how to plan yours for maximum results:

With some more excellent advice here:

When it comes to eCommerce, cross-channel engagement is especially important – here’s how to get that right:

One of the most impactful of those channels right now is Instagram but do you know how to monetize it properly? Read and learn from a master:

Created a course or launched a product and disappointed with the results? Or still hovering on the edge of that particular pool, hesitating before you dive in?

Be inspired – and learn how to do it better – with this:

And then discover how to improve your conversion rate by 50 percent in one day so you can sell more of anything:

I have often talked about the importance and power of story in your marketing – your TED talk this week will not only reinforce that, it will provide a final dose of inspiration to fire up your week ahead:

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