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I blinked and it’s February already…is that how it hit you too?

February always strikes me as the month that January hits home – those unkept resolutions (don’t worry about it!) and all those grand plans for the year that have yet to take off.

It’s also the month when the Christmas bills have just hit and those of us who are running a business, or hoping to, begin to worry that we won’t make our personal targets this year…or even make anything at all.

Worry not because I’m going to focus these next few weeks in your Weekend Takeaways on direct methods and tactics to boost your coffers.

Yes, I know everything I send out in this newsletter is designed to do that, in a way, but these are specific free trainings, videos, books and so on to help you make more moolah in all kinds of arenas.

Today I’m zooming in mostly on social media because it can be one of the fastest free ways to add to your bank balance and let’s start with a couple of great how-tos from Social Media Examiner.

The first gives you 5 ways to use social media to make more from your existing customers:

And the second is particularly insightful for offliners on the tactics a winery uses to increase its sales despite social media restrictions:

There are some excellent tips in this next one for all of us on increasing sales through social media which remind you of the fundamentals to effective social media marketing:

And a very useful template to download here so you can recreate the exact page that got 350k fans and 200k optins:

Lilach Bullock is someone who may have passed under your radar but she really knows her stuff and this is a comprehensive tutorial on how to make your website traffic convert into sales:

Finally, for this section, a thought-provoking piece on how colour affects buying choices – intriguing stuff!

This week’s Kindle freebie is a short but intelligent book on how to make more money through Fiverr – some of it may not be new to you if you’ve sold services on the site before but I think many of you will find it useful:

As for your video this week, I’ve chosen one from the superb I Love Marketing series featuring Direct Mail genius Brian Kurtz.

In it, he tells you:

  • The smartest thing you can do to double (or even triple) your revenues this year
  • One of the most effective ways to sell high-priced products and services to high-ticket buyers
  • The #1 way to get noticed, get attention, and get an advantage over competitors in the 21st century…  

Among other fantastic insights.

This is way better than many of the trainings some gooroos would charge you to attend and, as a bonus, sign up for Joe & Dean’s Breakthrough DNA report (subscriber box on the right of this page) which tells you all about 8 Profit Activators you can apply in your business right now.

Hope that’s got your mind ticking in all kinds of profitable ways and have an amazing week!