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It’s trying hard to thunder here in London town and I’ve just been discussing the late, great Jim Garner with an old friend on Facebook…

Turns out he actually dated the daughter of Maverick for a while and spoke very fondly of both her and her father. I loved that – all too often people are ready to spread malicious gossip and rumour but he had only good things to say and it left me feeling uplifted.

Although not so much I didn’t then to go on to get the skinny on what really happened between Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts (this friend is one of Nashville’s great and good)

That aside, let’s focus on stuff to make you feel good this week, starting with some more freebie tools to make your online life easier…

First up, a great tool for any of you who do Facebook marketing – Fanpage Karma lets you analyse and compare Fan Pages so you can rate yourself against your competition. There’s a free 14 day trial which is ample time for you to get all the info you need to improve your profile:

Conversation Score is an always free tool that enables you to assess any FB page’s performance, reach and influence:

While Facebook Page Barometer assesses your page against thousands of others to show you how well you’re doing and where you need to improve:

They also have another great free tool – Timeline Contest Manager – which you can access here:

And their Facebook Marketing University videos which you can access here:

Now for more free training and tips, leading off with another great post from Pat Flynn on email marketing. He provides a great checklist so you can see if you’re really doing all you could to maximise your email efforts:

For all you Amazon sellers – or those considering it – here’s an excellent post on how to get that negative feedback removed. As you know, reviews are vital and a bad one can really impact on your sales (not to mention your account status if you get too many of them) so I heartily recommend you read this:

With some additional advice here:

Talking of Amazon, here is your Kindle freebie recommendation and this week it’s The Brand Called You – 39 Ways To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors.

James Garner was a star because he essentially always played himself and that’s what you need to do too.

A nice, short read that chimes well with my own teaching on how important it is to brand yourself and your products:

Your TED talk this week is guaranteed to make you giggle and is dedicated to all of us (and I include myself) who have ever experienced a tech nightmare:

Which only goes to show that making like a maverick can be its own reward…

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