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Hey there and a very Happy Easter!

Today my daughter can finally stop sniffing round all the kitchen cupboards hunting down her Easter eggs…and I can do the same.

I love this time of year because, whether you celebrate Easter or not, there is a sense of hope and life springing back after the long winter. That always gets my creative juices flowing and new ideas sparking but if you need a little encouragement here’s something to inspire you:!E1H7Y

I know not everyone’s a fan of lists like that but I think it’s particularly pertinent to people like us…people who have to fall back on their own resources a lot and are carving their own paths.

Someone who has put much of what is on that list into action – and reaped the rewards – – is highly successful blogger, author and podcaster Andrew Ferebee. He talks here about how he built up his blog in just 5 months to get 500,000 visitors:

Here’s a nice freebie from Mighty Deals, a site where I’ve found plenty of great offers – 6 professional logos you can use for your business.

You will have to supply your email address to get these but it’s worth it and they have a ton of other nice freebies you can grab:

Our friends at Hubspot have produced yet another hugely useful guide, this time on how to optimize your marketing channels.

This will teach you how to improve your blog, landing pages, SEO, social media profiles and email marketing – it even contains checklists. You’ll need to supply your details but, as always, it’s well worth it:

I recommended a good, straightforward course on Google Hangouts this past week – here’s a freebie hangout from Alex Mandossian that will expand on that knowledge:

If you like that, check out his most recent one on Funnel Marketing Secrets and you can submit your completed funnel to enter his competition (closes Wednesday):

There has been a flurry of emails hitting my inbox this week about a certain Amazon course – your Kindle freebie this week will teach you some of its fundamentals for nada:

Andrew Ferrebee, who I mentioned earlier, speaks in his podcast about how this particular TED talk inspired him. I love it too and I hope it inspires you:


As it’s Easter, I thought I’d give you some useful gifts in lieu of a chocolate egg (that would never work on my daughter!). Of course, in traditional fashion you need to hunt for those on this page and then click on the seasonal symbol to download them…see if you can spot the big clue…





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