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So how was your week?

Mine passed in a blur of work, meetings, appointments and the final shoot to mark the end of the archery season (nothing like the shoot-out at the OK Corral…we archers are very civilised!).

Now it’s Sunday again and time for your weekly smorgasbord of goodies which, this week, is a mix of stuff designed to help in all areas of your marketing.

First up is this on how to add a whole bunch of snazzy new fonts courtesy of Google to your sites and pages – follow the instructions and links here and a classy new look can be yours for nada:

If that’s a step too far for you because you haven’t yet built a site – or you’re very much a newbie at it – then there are some wonderful guides for you to grab at Firstsiteguide ranging from how to make a website to how to start a blog and beyond.

Get those here:

Of course, you need tools and software to help you build those sites and do other useful things such as create web forms and transfer your files using FTP.

I’ve used Coffee Cup’s freebie offerings since way back when and they are constantly updated. Take a look here and grab whatever takes your fancy:

The whole point of having a site is to drive those all-important actions such as engagement, sales and conversions…

And one hugely important factor in doing so is story, as I always teach. Hint: this may have something to do with my new course that is still coming very soon…

In the meantime, read and learn here:

Justin Jackson is a marketer and product creator who writes one of my fave blogs – not least because his posts are concise but highly actionable.

I especially love this one which also (spoiler alert) touches on more good stuff I will be teaching you:

With the plethora of podcasts and blogs around, it’s all too easy to forget that there are some great YouTube channels out there with tons of training and information.

This is Sue Zimmerman’s which teaches you all you need to know about that hottest of topics – Instagram marketing:

While Reelseo teaches you how to be a video marketer!

Your TED talk this week offers laughs and food for thought in equal measure – the always hilarious James Veitch on the agony of trying to unsubscribe (we’ve all been there):

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