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This week I’ve decided to re-inspire myself and all of you with the best of the best – those people who’ve actually innovated, broken boundaries, displayed excellence as entrepreneurs and marketers…

And made fortunes in the process. Some you may have heard of, some are more below the radar but one thing is for sure…these are the real deal. No self-invented gooroos here!

Let’s start with Joe Polish, the man who practically invented many of the techniques we now use every day, especially in copywriting and content, and who consults to people such as Richard Branson.

He has not one but two superb podcasts as well as running the Genius Network where people like Steve Forbes (of drop by.

This first talk is from his 10XTalk show which he co-presents with the equally impressive Dan Sullivan and features Dan delivering a presentation to the Genius Network on how to do the Experience Transformer process:

Joe also presents the I Love Marketing podcast which regular readers will recognise as one of my faves. This episode really takes you into the mind of this genius marketer as well as teaching you how to get a 10x return on an investment and the most important questions an entrepreneur can ask:

Another classic episode is The One With Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula fame who is another ground-breaking marketer. In this he shares the biggest lessons he’s gained from 16 years of successful product launches:

Someone who has also changed the face of online marketing is Brian Clark of Copyblogger who not only provides incredibly useful content but has the nous to hire some of the best writers and minds in the world to add even more value.

Here’s a great tutorial from him on What to Do When You Absolutely, Positively Must Know if Your Content Will Rock:

Someone you may not have come across but who I, and many others, rate highly for her wit and knowledge is Belle Beth Cooper – here is a typically first rate piece from her blog on how to raise the bar and really make your content resonate with your audience:

Another female success story is Heidi Cohen who provides consistently excellent information – here she is on how creating marketing stories sends your product sales soaring:

You probably have heard of Yanik Silver who has been rocking the online world for years – here’s his 9 Maverick Multipliers to Instantly Increase Your Bottom Line, Happiness and Meaning From Your Business:

Chris Guillebeau is right up there as one of the foremost creators on the net and you can download his free guide, 279 Days To Overnight Success, here:

To inspire you to reach for the same success as these true online experts, this week’s TED talk is on how to achieve more with less:


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