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We’re hurtling towards Halloween at the rate of knots and the leaves are turning red…

Which means that, here in England, we also turn on the heating and huddle down with cups of tea!

But it’s not just a cup of tea I hold because I’m also always reading, whether that’s a real, physical book (yup, I still think of those as ‘real’) or learning online so I can share that knowledge with you.

I try to seek out the real old masters of the game – and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Those people who have discovered things, innovated and set the bar as high as it will go.

One of those masters is Robert Cialdini, the godfather of persuasion and someone I often mention when I am teaching because his stuff is fundamental…
And now you have the chance to listen to the man himself and get his new insights first hand in this wonderful podcast:

Another legend is Jay Abraham – much of what you learn today about marketing probably originally emanated from him.

He has his own, highly-recommended podcast and here and in this episode talks about

‘The worse deficiency an entrepreneur has is a lack of Vitamin C … and that “C” stands for connection with others.’

Listen and learn lots:

Jay also has an excellent selection of educational downloads for you here – for absolutely nada:

Someone else I respect enormously is John Carlton and just about anything on his blog is worth reading…as it should be since he’s one of the greatest living copywriters around!

Start with this for a real motivational hit:

Yaro Starak is perhaps less well known but every bit as respected a marketer as the ones I have already mentioned. Here’s an excellent case study from him on how one of his graduates blogged her way to half a million a year:

Another of those upcoming legends is Noah Kagan who piloted AppSumo to reach over 1 billion people.

Here he is on why certain content goes insanely viral:

I also love his advice on how not to feel guilty charging for your time:

Joanna Wiebe at Copy Hackers is another up and coming star and this video is part of their excellent Fired Up & Focused Bootcamp which, like everything here, won’t cost you a bean…

But this will teach you tons about how to use testimonials so people don’t think you’re ‘Full Of Sh*t’:

Do check out all the other episodes in the series as it is an incredible training series for which any gooroo would happily charge thousands.

Aside from TED, Big Think is another place you can find some wonderful talks – here’s a short but powerful one from Charles Duhigg on the science of to-do lists…you’ll never write one the same way again!

His talk on the power of habit is also unmissable – this one is for TEDx:

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