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Know what I love and hate about building online businesses? There is almost always no one right way to do things.

Instead, you get offered way too many ways – some effective, some less so – and end up overwhelmed, confused or just plain paralysed by indecision.

My approach has always been to cut through the confusion by learning from the best I could find, implementing to test that it works and then passing on that information to you.

With that in mind, this week’s resources are all by people I consider the best in their various fields and who have achieved enormous success by using their own strategies.

Let’s start with this excellent tutorial on advanced link building from a guy who knows more about this than almost anyone – Glen Allsopp from Viperchill:

Glen’s story is particularly inspirational. If you’d like to know how he got started and how he turned those first few steps into meteoric success, read this:

Yes, he’s a Brit…and another Brit I rate highly is Stuart over at Niche Hacks who has produced so many superb case studies. This one is on how to generate over 105 blog topic ideas in one hour:

Someone whose resources I often share with you is Neil Patel and for the very good reason that he is also a stellar marketer…

Here he is on how to become a world class copywriter in one month or less:

One area that I am always asked about is how to monetize a blog…who better than Matthew Woodward, one of the top bloggers on the planet, to teach you 31 ways he does it:

When it comes to Facebook ads, Amy Porterfield is my go-to marketer – here she is in 5 common FB ad mistakes you may be making and how to fix them:

Finally, one of my go-to resources for utilities and no cost software is Nirsoft, as I was reminded this week when I downloaded their very useful SearchMyFiles and realised I had never mentioned them to you.

Let’s rectify that right now – go here for some tools that are really, really useful and will cost you nothing:

As for your TED talk this week – it just had to be Morgan Spurlock with the Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold:

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