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Kindle Cash Cow Affiliates

Thanks for choosing to promote Kindle Cash Cow! It’s great to have you on board.  Kindle Cash Cow is converting extremely well so there is plenty of easy money in this for you and if there is anything I can do to help please shoot me an email at

Below is an email swipe which you can send out to your list – I’ve provided a choice of subject lines but feel free to adapt and mix it up as the more you personalize this the better your list will love you for it.  I’ll be adding more email swipes and other material so please feel free to check back again soon:

Subject lines:

Want to get paid to build a list of buyers?

Recurring income from Kindle?

Build a laser-targeted list the Kindle way…

The Best Way Ever To Build A List Of Loyal Buyers!


Email body:

Hi {name},

Of course you know that the money is in the list but did you know that building the right kind of list is the real secret?  You see, building a list of buyers rather than a list of freebie seekers is what it’s really all about.  And I’ve stumbled across a brilliant system that makes this super easy leveraging the power of Amazon Kindle.

That’s right – this method teaches you how to create quick, easy ebooks and go on earning from them over and over again as you use them to build the most laser-targeted list of buyers ever.

Kindle Cash Cow is an ingenious way to do the work once and profit it from it for years to come.

(insert your affiliate link here) 

This is a tried and tested method that takes you through every step.  No need to worry about any technical stuff  as the accompanying videos show you exactly what to do to get an ebook published on Amazon Kindle and then use it as a funnel to generate hundreds of new sign-ups.

This is a dime sale style WSO so the price goes up every few sales.  If you’re at all interested I recommend you check it out now and save yourself a few bucks:

 (insert your affiliate link here)

I’ve never seen this talked about before – this really is one of a kind.  And the fact that it makes it so incredibly easy to siphon off those Kindle buyers on to your list makes this an absolute winner as far as I am concerned.

Speak soon!

[Your name & signature]


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