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It’s September – how did that happen?

One minute we were all skipping around in summer mode (at least in the northern hemisphere) and now it’s definitely back to business and back to school…

So why not learn a new trick or two to benefit you and your biz this week?

Actually, we’re going to start with some new tools rather than some new tricks – you may know some of these already but they’re all good and, most importantly, available for nada.

What do they do? Help you monitor your social media and brand. Invaluable, I think you will agree:

And while you’re there, check out these video editing solutions that are great if your budget is zero or you spent too much on ice creams down at the beach:

Been listening to everything I’ve said about generating great content but wondering how on earth you can monetize that?

Wonder no more – learn how here:

And if you need more ideas on that, here are 64:

But how about social media? Want some ideas on how to make more moolah there?

One of my hottest tips is still Instagram and here is Neil Patel with some excellent advice:

There are changes afoot at Pinterest and some that have happened already. This is a good guide to optimizing for SEO in the wake of those changes:

With some more great general Pinterest tips here to really explode your traffic:

Want some specific September tips and ideas to help you plan and kickstart your marketing into the last quarter of the year? There’s a helpful infographic with exactly that here:

I recommend you add a mindset boost to back up all those fabulous new marketing ideas and plans…here’s a great one I listened to only this morning from two guys who really know their stuff – Doberman Dan and Ryan Lee:

And for further inspiration, your TED talk this week is from Amy Purdy who teaches you how to live your life beyond limits:

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