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It’s my birthday this week and traditionally I send out the odd surprise freebie or three so keep an eye on your inbox…you might also like to check beneath your TED video below for your first little gift 🙂

And, of course, I pack them into your Weekend Takeaways with an extra special selection.

Let’s start this week with this mega design bundle worth over 200 bucks but yours for absolutely nada from Inkydeals:

If you’d like to check out their other amazing giveaways, go here:

Need some new ecover and other mockups for your sales and landing pages? Try these – yours in exchange for your email:

Or maybe you’d like some new images that you can use however you like – you get ten a day here delivered to your inbox plus more gorgeous ones to download on the site:

Then you could really ramp up your skills and earning power by taking this mammoth developer course which teaches you HTML, Java, CSS and more in just one hour for each.

Don’t forget you need to redeem this right after you sign up for it to get it for nada:

For those of you who’d like to save hours on your social media marketing and get better results into the bargain here are some tools that will help…30 of ‘em, actually:

In the spirit of giving, this week’s TED talk is on how money can indeed buy you happiness…so long as you spread the love:


As for your first birthday gift…you can download it here

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