It’s My Birthday – Have Some Gifts!


It’s my birthday edition so what better than an unabashed selection of the best giveaways I can find on the web?

Let’s start with some gorgeous icons – always useful:


With loads more here:


Then there’s my fave place for finding fonts for nada:


And a brand new (at least to me) place for stock pics, videos etc:


With Burst also a great place for gorgeous pics that are yours for the taking:


Moving on to social media marketing and here are 11 excellent ebooks and reports for you to download:


As well as four handy FB landing page creation tools here:


Over at Hubspot you can not only learn advanced email marketing techniques but get a certificate into the bargain:


And do the same for content marketing:


While if you really want to get technical and learn highly saleable skills into the bargain, the coding course available here is an astonishing giveaway:


For your birthday TED talk this week, I want to share one with you that will hopefully inspire and motivate you with something we all need as entrepreneurs – how to build your creative confidence:

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