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It’s nearly the end of August and there’s a definite back-to-school feel in the air so I’m focusing this week on my annual round-up of freebies to freshen up your business, your sites and even you so you can take on the world come September…

Let’s dive in with some excellent ecommerce tools and solutions to make both your life and that of your customers easier – all of them open source:

There’s also this handy selection of no cost ecommerce plugins to download:

Social Media Marketing your thing? It should be and here are 11 tools that will help you boost your results without costing you a penny:

Of course, you also want to use analytics tools to keep an eye on those results and what’s working best for you and here are 9 that will do just that:

Need a new look online? Icons are a fast way of freshening things up and here are 200 that you can download for nada:

Hooked on creating gorgeous images for Pinterest and Instagram as well as your sites/products and want to take it to the next level? Or simply want to learn how to do so along with other design skills that will help you boost your income?

Take a look at the no cost courses here (be aware they have paid courses too so choose carefully):

This is the upcoming freebie InDesign class:

Just want some software to help you out when creating that new look?

Here’s a great selection:

Finally, your TED talk this week will inspire you to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge online – at least, that’s what John Green did in this highly entertaining talk:

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