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Pinterest is a great tool for promoting yourself and your products and services – especially physical products – but how do you know if your efforts are working?

Simple: use the new Pinterest Analytics tool. Social Media Examiner tells you how here:

I’m a big fan of Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income site – here’s an excellent post on the #1 Skill All Entrepreneurs and Bloggers Should Learn (it’s probably not what you think):

Another marketer I rate is Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s not to everyone’s taste as he tends to tell it like it is with some colourful language to underline his points…and for me, that’s refreshing in an IM world full of BS.

Here’s an excellent video from him from his Ask Gary series on the Pareto Principle and how it applies to his/your business:

And his keynote for 99u on Storytelling in a Fast-Paced World (essentially, Gary’s content strategy distilled into 15 minutes):–657351667.html

There’s a trend for the hand-drawn look in presentations and videos so I went looking for some free graphics to add spice to yours…

You can get some nice hand-drawn callouts and shapes here:

Some useful arrows here:

And this fab whiteboard collection here (I’m a member of this site but you don’t need to join or log in to get this):

This week I’ve been trying new ways to increase my productivity while decreasing stress levels – as luck would have it, that’s the subject matter of your TED (Ed) talk this week. Enjoy!



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