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As the old saying goes:

‘May you live in interesting times…’

And we certainly do here in the UK right now!

But there is another saying which we all know from a zillion memes by now – Keep Calm And Carry On which is what I intend to do with your takeaways this week.

So let’s kick off with the first fabulous freebie I found for you – a Reddit analyser.

Why would you want one of those? For all kinds of good reasons.

This nifty tool will let you dig into users on one of the most active platforms out there, finding out how users behave and when they are most active which will give you invaluable insights for all kinds of niches:

If you’re still not sure how Reddit can help you as a marketer, check this tutorial out:

And for a different angle, take a look at this:

That last link mentions content marketing which I know can send shivers down your spine as you wonder how on earth to create that content in the first place.

Here’s one of the best resources I have ever found to help with that:

Of course, content creation takes time…although less of it if you follow that link.

But do you ever wonder where all your time goes?

Or are you trying to become more productive but have no idea how?

This tool will help by tracking how you spend your time so you can do also track your progress and tweak if necessary:

Another great find this week is FFCU which stands for Free For Commercial Use – not the catchiest name but music to the ears of anyone who needs great images: can be hard to find good handwriting fonts to use with those images on social media and in other ways but I like this one – yours in exchange for your email:

Your TED talk this week takes us back to my initial quote and will help you live in more interesting…and successful…times: