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I’ve been at the London Book Fair this week which is the biggest trade show dedicated to all that is new and hot in publishing and that includes ecommerce, content, marketing on and offline, physical and digital goods of all kinds…and, of course, the mighty Amazon.

There was a huge amount to take in and I attended as many talks and seminars as I could squeeze in between meetings. I’m going to share some of what I discovered with you that’s free and fabulous so you can apply it to your own businesses and we’ll kick off with…

Amazon. And, more specifically, Russ Grandinetti its Senior Vice President for Kindle and arguably the most powerful man in publishing. His talk was more or less the same as the one he gave for Digital Book World and you can read a good perspective on that here, including his thoughts on the contentious Kindle Unlimited:

There are more insights on Amazon and Grandinetti here – note his assertion that ‘no-one becomes an author to make money’. That may give you a clue to his mindset when it comes to Kindle publishing:

I also heard an excellent presentation by Johanna Brinton from Overdrive, a multichannel platform that distributes a free app which enables you to borrow books, audio and other digital content from your local library.

Multichannel/multiplatform were big themes at the fair and you can download Overdrive and try it out for yourself here:

Another superb seminar was on New Business Models in the Digital Age and this was relevant to all of us as marketers, offering a multiplicity of methods and ideas.

One of the speakers was the CEO of and, in conjunction with the fair, they have produced a free white paper containing a wealth of ideas from the seminar.

Although it was written specifically for publishers, this in effect covers all of us these days. This will inspire you with all kinds of new ways to charge for your digital products, content, knowledge and even physical products – download it here:

When it comes to social selling, Gideon Lask knows more than most. He also presented at the fair and I hunted down his blog where he talks about how refer a friend marketing is set to explode:

I then found this free addon for you so you can try out refer/tell a friend marketing on your own sites:

I rounded off my week with a meeting with a great couple from LA who are heavily involved with TED. They recommended this talk which will certainly get you thinking…should you live for your resume or your eulogy?

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