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As you know if you read my emails, we’ve been in the woods this week practising a spot of bushcraft and even there among distinctly lo-fi folk I found myself handing out IM advice.

I love the fact that people who gather plants and live off the land also understand the need to market their skills, products and services online. It’s great to have that balance and, for me, it was good to go off grid for a bit.

Now that I’m back with a few bruises and whittling cuts to show for it, let’s crack on with uncovering some more traffic techniques for you as well as other freebie goodies.

First up, here’s another good general round-up of 25 ways to increase traffic to your website:

And staying with Wishpond for a moment, there’s also a good list of 9 ways to drive more traffic via Pinterest. As I was emphasizing to everyone in the woods how important it is to use images to get those vital visitors flocking to your sites, this is particularly useful IMHO:

Twitter is another place where you should be ramping up your use of images and this tutorial is full of good tips:

While this is another great lesson in how to make your images stand out – especially useful for the technically challenged:

Need some fresh stock photos to use? If you haven’t spotted Hubspot’s 100 free images offer then you’re missing out – you need to supply your details to get ‘em but, as I always say, I’ve never had an issue with these fab folk:

Another great place to get stock pics for nada is Photopin – just make sure to avoid the sponsored images and also the Shutterstock pop up and you’ll have access to loads of high quality creative commons pics:

And if that’s still not enough for you, here’s Shopify’s list of 22 sites where you can also snaffle awesome images for zero cost:

Still a little confused as to how images can help you get more leads and sales?

This will help:

Need a fabulous infographic to show you how and why images are crucial to a successful social media campaign aka one that brings in more visitors, leads and sales?

Here you go:

All that fresh air this week has inspired my choice of TED talk and it’s something I firmly believe as well…our sedentary lives are killing us and especially so if that time spent sitting is also spent staring at a screen.

Funnily enough, we also tend to do better if we don’t slave away at that screen all the time but get up and get out for some perspective. Do yourself and your business a favour and watch this:



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