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Let’s kick off this brand new year with some brand new thought provocation in the form of this excellent podcast…is blogging as we know it dead?

Listen in and let me know what you think:

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a fan of social selling and it turns out so are Hubspot – here is their downloadable infographic on how well it works, particularly for consultants and agencies like them but frankly for everyone:

You may have noticed the 12 free reports they offer at the end of that piece and anything Hubspot produce is superb…but don’t forget to also grab their State Of Inbound Marketing Report for 2015 full of invaluable information:

While in their library you can also get your hands on their ultimate guide to scaling your eCommerce business:

And these gorgeous ebook templates:

All Hubspot ask in return are your details and as far as I am concerned that is one heck of a deal!

While over at Hongkiat they have some excellent freebie courses – I have just signed up for this one:

And that SEO course I mentioned before is still open but closing very shortly:

Already wobbling on those New Year goals? Michael Hyatt has some great advice for you here:

Plus a rather wonderful podcast here on how to achieve your dream:

Finally, your TED talk this week will not only teach you how to achieve your childhood dreams but remind you of why you should – unmissable:

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