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This week I attended a trade show where one of the panel discussions was on trends and how relevant they are now to consumers. What came out of that discussion is very useful for you as a marketer because the opinions were mixed…

Yes, people do still buy because of trends but they are also setting them thanks to social media, chiefly Pinterest and Instagram. And those trends are now almost instant thanks to the speed with which they can spread.

But – and it’s a big but – never forget that people ultimately buy largely because of emotion. They might love a trendy item but they buy it because of how it makes them feel and how it fulfils an emotional need, be that a need to appear as fashionable and wealthy as other people or simply because it makes them feel good.

I had a great discussion with a guy who heads up the design team at one of the world’s largest retailers on just this subject and mentioned Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Cialdini’s principles of persuasion to him…

Which he loved because he had never heard of them!

Surprising as that might be, it proves that we all have something to learn that can improve our marketing and therefore our results. What that man did tell me was that all their research showed a huge bias towards emotional purchasing in their customers so, with that in mind, I am going to share resources with you today to help you press those emotional buttons with your customers and prospects.

Let’s start with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in case you are not familiar with it either and how you can apply it to your marketing from the brilliant Men With Pens:

Now we’ll move on to Perry Marshall and his brilliant tutorial on emotion vs logic in marketing:

While if you like your facts to be backed up by science, here are the results of recent research into how well this all works:

With some excellent ways to apply that here:

And here are some specific ways to use emotion to boost your content marketing with emotion:

As well as five key ways to use emotion to drive your email marketing engagement:

And seven key emotional triggers to use here to hook your subscribers:

Your talk this week is  – who else? – Robert Cialdini on those famous principles:

Along with some excellent additional material from TED Ed here:

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