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I’m just back from watching around 12,000 people cross the finish line of the 200km Ride London bicycle race…

And now I feel inadequate when it comes to how I spend my Sunday mornings!

Ah well, at least I always get your freebie tips, tools and training to you and this week I’ve taken a long, hard look at some stuff that has changed recently…

Starting with Instagram.

You may or may not be aware that Instagram changed its algorithm last month – if you missed it, here’s what happened:

Essentially, it means that Instagram now puts your ‘best’ posts first rather than your newest…just like Facebook (no surprise as it now owns Instagram)…

Which has caused havoc for a lot of Instagrammers who rely on engagement with a constant stream of, well, new stuff.

But never fear – here are four suggestions to help you beat it:

And some more great suggestions here:

Something else that has changed recently is Google Analytics because now you can review your customer vs visitor demographic profiles.

Sounds like Double Dutch? Actually, it’s very useful and here is how to put it to work for you:

Still hazy on Google Analytics and all it can do for you? Learn how to get the most out of this impressive, no cost SEO tool here:

Great as it is, Google Analytics does have its limitations and may not be the best tool for you…in which case here are 6 more no cost options to try:

Looking ahead now, the Olympics are almost upon us and if you want to bring out a related product or promotion you’re going to need some appropriate graphics and other design resources…which is what you can get here for absolutely nada:

You may also need some video backgrounds and clips – try these resources for no cost options:

Your TED talk this week is one that can bring about real change in your life and business by teaching you how to acquire the most important skill of all:

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