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It’s Easter Sunday and a very happy Easter if you celebrate it…and a happy Spring if you don’t!

I’ve been thinking and writing about spring a lot this week, or rather its symbolism and especially for entrepreneurs.

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the long winter of trying to make things happen. When they finally do – when you get that first or hundredth sale, release that product or launch that site – it’s as if those spring shoots have finally appeared.

But before they do, there are often times when you think that the ground will always be barren. That you’ll never seen any results, let alone a few shoots.

In this newsletter, therefore, I’m sharing resources to help you tackle the good times and the bad…or rather, what I prefer to call the waiting times. Because there is one quality that unites all successful entrepreneurs (that’s you, by the way)…

They never quit.

Hold that thought as we move on to our first resource, an excellent piece from which you will learn a lot on overcoming perceived failures…and it’s all in the perception:

Of course, once you’ve accepted that things are not working the way you want, it’s time to turn it around which is when you need to read this:

And from this, I suggest you particularly take the ‘list of truths’ and sear them on your mind…or, even easier, print them out:

Of course, motivational stuff can only get you so far. When it comes to business, you also need to take practical steps which is what you’ll find here:

Let’s stay with practical and break this down. If the problem is your website, you could try the tips here:

And here:

Not selling enough of your products? Try these tactics:

Is your social media marketing giving you meh results? Here are 26 ways to improve it:

Affiliate income need a boost? Here’s Pat Flynn – affiliate supremo – on what to do:

For your TED talk this week, here is JK Rowling on the fringe benefits of failure. It was only this week she tweeted some of her rejection letters as Robert Galbraith, her nom de plume for the Cormoran Strike novels. One publisher even kindly suggested she take a writing course…

From that I think we can all learn that nobody really knows anything but what I do know is that behind every success are a lot of attempts to get it right: