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This week I had a question about improving the marketing of a Kindle ebook and instantly my mind started ticking…

As this particular book is non-fiction, I suggested repurposing and extending it in several different ways so it could be offered at different price points and to different audiences. 

I thought it would be useful for all of you to expand on my suggestions as you can then either do this for yourself, for clients or take part of it and apply it to your marketing. 

I have taught some of this before in my courses but here is the quick start guide using free resources… 

First off, I suggested breaking the book down into an eCourse and recording videos to accompany and amplify the text. 

The easiest way to do this would be by recording slides that have been created from the original text, with accompanying images if necessary. I know not all of you have PowerPoint, or simply want an alternative, so here are five fresh suggestions: 

To record those slides, you’re going to need a free alternative to Camtasia if you don’t have it and here are five of those as well (bear in mind this was written by EzVid but the suggestions are good and fairly impartial!): 

Of course, you can also use those videos to drive traffic for free from YouTube and other video sites or embed them on your site to act as a sales/lead capture enticement. 

Then I suggested stripping the sound off those narrated videos to form downloadable MP3s which you can do for free here: 

And here:

Don’t forget you can also use Audacity (also free) to record or clean up sound: 

A great way to maximise ebook earnings is to create a physical version as well.  Here’s a good piece on how to use Createspace, Amazon’s physical publishing platform: 

With some more good tips here: 

To add even more value (and to push that price point up further), bundling all of this as a premium physical product can be done through fulfilment houses such as Kunaki and there’s a good comparison article here on the various options.

This was written with musicians in mind but is applicable to anything burned to CD or DVD and shipped: 

Bear in mind that creating physical products at these fulfilment houses is not free but is certainly very low cost at Kunaki and Createspace who both offer the option to get started for a few dollars and then recoup the costs by taking a percentage every time you sell a CD or DVD. 

If you need more on how to get started with physical products and why they can be priced at such a premium then check out this podcast by Robert Plank – it’s Episode 15 on the list: 

Your Kindle freebie suggestion this week is the pertinent Social Media Marketing for Publishers – a good, concise guide that contains nuggets for you all: 

To help you get all of that done, I love this excellent article by James Clear (and do sign up for his ebook – it’s free and brilliant, as are his emails): 

Here’s another one of his which I read and re-read about how successful people start before they are ready: 

And finally…your TED talk which this week is Matt Cutts exhorting you to try something new for 30 days (we must be sisters under the skin!):  

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