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As someone who was brought up in the Far East, I am particularly keen on celebrating Chinese New Year (any excuse!) with the official New Year’s Day being tomorrow. Think of it as yet another chance for a fresh start, especially if you are flagging a little now it’s February.

And to help you accomplish that – or simply a little reinvigoration for you and your business – here are some fabulously useful tips and freebies, starting with this on how one marketer went from working 80 hours a week to just a few:

One of the tips in that piece is on automating your social media – here’s some more great advice on how to do that productively:

Often, a lack of routine is the stumbling block for many people who work from home. If that’s your problem, this will help:

While Google Drive’s updates offer some excellent solutions to keep everything organised, streamlined and at your fingertips:

Gaining clarity and focus is the precursor to real success for most people but it can be tough to accomplish, often because many of us get in our own way.

Jamie Smart is an international speaker and coach who really knows his stuff. I’ve seen him live and I can vouch for the effectiveness of what he teaches. In this podcast, he shares some really useful tips:

Now for some specific advice on various areas of marketing. There are so many great tips out there but I try to pick the very best…and then it’s up to you to take from them the ones that will work for you.

Social media and blogging are (or should be) intertwined so you get maximum return on your time investment. But what if your blog visitor stats look like they have tumbleweed blowing through them?

Here are three great tips on how to get more traffic to your blog:

While this is an excellent guide to starting your own travel blog – a superb niche to be in as there are endless sub-niches and this is an evergreen winner. You could also apply this advice to many other niches:

Still not sure how to combine your blogging and social media effectively? Check this out:

And I’ll give the final word on the matter to Guy Kawasaki, a superstar in the field:

Remember what I said earlier about that unfortunate human tendency to get in our own way? Often it’s simply a matter of breaking bad habits…and this week’s TED talk is all about that:

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