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Hey there,

I’m writing you this on a train as the countryside flashes by, on my way to a weekend helping an artist friend with her Open Studio event.

I love trains – they are an eminently civilised form of transport and give me endless opportunities to people watch into the bargain 😉

I don’t just people watch because I’m nosy but because I also consider it an essential part of my business. If you know what people are using, wearing, reading and talking about then you gain invaluable insights into what matters to them…and possibly exactly the demographic you are trying to reach.

Try it and let me know how you get on and, in the meantime, here are some resources to help you serve people aka your clients, customers and business better…

First up is an excellent piece from Pat Flynn how to sell without ‘selling’ – invaluable stuff:

Social media is the ultimate arena for connecting with your audience on an immediate basis and here are some insights from Gary Vaynerchuk – a man who knows more about the subject than possibly even Mark Zuckerberg – on the most important thing entrepreneurs need to know about it:

Over at Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer blog is this comprehensive and immensely useful post with tips for getting the most out of Google Adwords right now:

Staying with Google, Social Media Examiner has this on maximising Google Plus for you and your business:

A couple of fab freebies now from our friends at Hubspot. First a webinar packed full of information (as opposed to pitches) on generating loads of leads through Twitter:

Next a nice download in the form of their excellent eBook on how to attract customers via Facebook:

For your Kindle freebie this week, the newly updated version of YouTube Marketing Secrets Revealed:

And finally, your TED talk is a thought-provoking lecture on how disagreement can be highly productive and even necessary for progress:

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