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This week I have a mixed bag of goodies for you from around the web, starting with an excellent freebie from Unbounce – an entire course, no less!

Unbounce are conversion experts and this course teaches you all you need to know to create high-converting landing pages in 11 excellent lessons.

If you’re wondering exactly what a landing page is, here is their definition from Lesson 1:

“A landing page can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action.

In other words, it’s the web page you want to send people to do something such as sign up for your giveaway or find out more about your product/services before they buy.

I highly recommend this to all of you and you can start the course here (no sign-up required):

Next up, three great free tools starting with Open Site Explorer. This is a search engine site that lets you see what sites are linking to your site or any other site which means it not only gives you some invaluable information when it comes to your own SEO but lets you spy on your competitor sites.

Find it here:

From our friends at Hubspot comes this brilliant Blog Topic Generator tool – you’ll never be stuck for something to write about again:

My third tool recommendation is Likealyzer which gives you feedback and recommendations on your Facebook presence – excellent if you’re trying to build a fan base to promote your products and services or simply to raise your profile:

Still worried about the impact of those Gmail tabs on your email marketing? Check out this from Mashable – I particularly like the idea that having a promotions tab can actually work in your favour as a marketer as it means people are in a ‘shopping state of mind’:

For your Kindle freebie this week, I picked the incisive Social Media Marketing That Works because it’s author, Jeremy Kolb, is out there in the trenches every day heading up the team at a leading digital marketing agency. He’s also the founder of National Onion Ring Day, according to his biog, but don’t let that put you off:

And we finish with your round of inspiration for the week that will hopefully boost both you and your business. This week it’s the always fascinating Dan Ariely who asks if we are always in control of our own decisions…invaluable stuff for all marketers!

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